What's in Your Queen Mattress? How Are Mattresses Constructed?

What's in Your Queen Mattress? How Are Mattresses Constructed?

Ever wondered what goes into the construction of  the comfortable mattress you sleep on every night? While most will likely have heard of different mattress types such as memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and pocket spring mattresses, the average person knows relatively little about what goes into the making of this bedroom essential that serves the important function of bringing us the quality sleep we deserve

A Brief History of the Mattress

Before we dive into the methods of mattress construction, it’ll be good to have some knowledge of the history of this indispensable bedding item. In ancient times, humans slept on piles of straw, leaves, or other natural materials like animal hide. Through the centuries, materials such as hay, wool and feathers were slowly incorporated as part of mattress stuffing. 

The rise of the commercial mattress as we know of it today grew alongside the development of the modern bed.The earliest mattresses were manufactured to be flat and often paired with a box-spring bed to provide more elevation. Nowadays, mattresses come in a variety of sizes, thickness and types. In Singapore, you’ll commonly be able to find single, super single, queen and king sized mattresses created from various materials. Read on to find out more about how modern-day innerspring, latex and memory foam mattresses are constructed!

How Are Innerspring Mattresses Made?

Innerspring mattresses refer to mattresses whose support largely comes from coils. There are various types of innerspring mattresses on the market, but the bonnell spring and pocket spring mattresses are the most popular. In a bonnell spring mattress, wire coils are wrapped with each other as a group–referred to as an innerspring unit. 

Pocket spring mattresses are often considered to be a more premium innerspring mattress type. This is because the mattress coils are individual wrapped (or “pocketed”). This allows different sections of the mattress to offer different amounts of support, and also greatly reduces motion transfer–which is especially helpful for couples in Singapore sharing a queen sized or king sized bed

After the innerspring unit is complete other upholstery materials are laid above and below the unit to serve as a barrier between the springs and the cushioning and insulating layers. A final outer layer, usually of a quilted appearance, is stitched on top to complete the mattress. 

Mattress cushioning and insulating materials can be made out of natural materials like cotton, wool or latex, or man-made materials like memory foam.

How Are Latex Mattresses Made?

Latex mattresses are popular for their hypo-allergenic qualities, longevity and firmness. As the name suggests, the key component of a latex mattress is latex made from the sap of rubber trees. Latex mattresses are extremely durable and will likely outlast other mattress types without any sagging. This makes it a good option for those hoping to invest a little bit more for a long-term mattress solution. You’ll be able to find various 100% natural latex mattresses at The Mattress Boutique’s online store. 

How Are Memory Foam Mattresses Made?

Memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to provide great pressure relief as this man-made material conforms wonderfully to the sleeping body. Memory foam mattresses usually feature a thick, upper comfort-layer, made of memory foam, as well as other kinds of foam in the lower, supportive layers. At The Mattress Boutique, we offer a range of mattresses with cool-gel memory foam tops to help tackle Singapore’s humid weather. 

Singapore’s Preferred Mattress Vendor

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