The Importance of a Quality Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

The Importance of a Quality Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Good quality sleep is essential for a person’s overall health and wellbeing. In high-stress Singapore, where work dominates such a large portion of our lives, being well-rested and ready to start the new day afresh is a likely priority for many Singaporeans.

For most adults, a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night is needed to ensure productive mental and physical functions the next day. Whether you choose to sleep on a single, queen or king sized mattress, the necessity of a good quality mattress for fruitful rest remains the same.

Read on below to discover what benefits good sleep can bring to your life and how a quality mattress can help you achieve peaceful slumber.

Physical Benefits from Sleeping on a Quality Mattress

A good mattress can bring numerous physical benefits to your body. These include good spinal alignment, less partner disturbance when tossing and turning, and potentially fewer allergies. Our body works to repair and recharge our muscles, organs and other cells during sleep. For those of us who’ve spent the whole day hunched over the work desk, it’s more important than ever to care for your body, especially your spine, during the night.

Reduce Back Aches With this Pocketed Spring Mattress

A quality mattress, like the Maxcoil Classic Supreme Rest Individual Pocketed Spring Orthopedic Mattress, focuses on providing orthopaedic support to your body for optimal comfort. This mattress comes in single, super single, queen and king sized options. It is designed with a 100% natural latex plush pillow top to assist with spinal alignment and satisfy the needs of rising without a backache. This powerhouse mattress features a double tempered individual barrel pocketed spring system and is also constructed with anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite and anti-fungal technologies to keep allergies at bay. 

Choose a Memory Foam Mattress for Bed-sharing

For those who share a bed with another person, ensuring that both individuals get the quality rest they need is important. Snoring loudly or tossing and turning at night can severely disturb the other’s rest. Investing in a memory foam mattress might be a good option to combat these issues. The Four Star Eden Latex Gel Memory Foam Mattress features a cooling, memory foam pillow top for reduced motion transfer. The body-conforming characteristics of memory foam will distribute body weight evenly and keep your body still and comfortable throughout the night. Additionally, this mattress’ Luxury Detense Articsilk Cooling Knitted Fabric helps combat the humidity and high temperatures in Singapore by providing a cooling sensation to the skin for better sleep.

Emotional Benefits from Sleeping on a Quality Mattress

Good sleep doesn’t just lower the risks of illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. It also contributes to reduced stress and an improved mood throughout the day. Feeling well-rested and refreshed is the key to starting the day with a productive mindset. Well-rested individuals also experience increased concentration when going about daily tasks at work or school. Additionally, having a good night’s sleep improves social and emotional interactions with people we communicate with daily, such as our family members, peers, and colleagues. On the other hand, studies also show that poor sleep quality is higher among people with depression.

Buy Single, Queen & King Mattresses at the Mattress Boutique

Human beings spend almost a third of their lives asleep. A quality mattress can improve or decrease a person’s sleep quality. The Mattress Boutique offers a wide range of spring, latex, or memory foam mattresses to suit your needs. Hybrid mattresses and other sleep-related products like pillows and bedding are also available on our online site.

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