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Stylish Wooden Bed Frames in Singapore

Everyone has a different dream bedroom setup, but the basic elements stay the same - a sleeping arrangement that is comfortable and relaxing. You will need a quality mattress, sturdy pillows, and of course, a well-balanced bed frame to piece them all together. As one of the bulkier furniture in the bedroom, your bed frame becomes a statement piece that helps you create a picture of a good night’s sleep. At The Mattress Boutique, you will discover a wide range of designer bed frames with solid wood structures that give you the right support so that you can rest comfortably. With customisable options, you can now build a bedroom setup that effectively addresses your needs and desires.

The Fengshui Of Wooden Headboards

A good headboard is one of the more important fengshui elements to incorporate into your bedroom. Like a mountain, it springs up above you to create strong and supportive energy for your bed. Without one, your bed would feel dull and diminished. Therefore, a headboard is among the elements fengshui masters look out for when assessing the energy flows of your room. Wood is one of the best materials for your headboard as it represents the symbolic nature of supporting your body and energy. If a woody aesthetic is not a style you are aiming for, find bed frames and headboards that are wrapped up in the textile of your choice to match.

Wooden Bed Sets From Designer Brands

We carry a wide variety of customisable bed frames and headboards in Singapore, many of which are made with solid wood structures to give you optimal support and comfort while you sleep. Find trusted brands like King Koil, Fourstar, Dunlopillo, Sleepnetics™ and more at The Mattress Boutique, and enjoy quality rest at affordable prices.

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