Storage Bed

Platform Beds With Storage Whether you need it or not, a bed with storage space is a welcomed feature in your bedroom. Apart from sporting a sleeker build than conventional bed frames, storage beds provide you with additional space to organise and store things away. There are also many configurations to choose from. A lift-up storage bed - like those fitted with a hydraulic mechanism - gives you more space to store bulkier belongings, and a storage bed with drawers are perfect for easy access to help you declutter your room. You can also choose from a wide selection of designs, from divan bed frames that come without headboards for a sleek form, to designer picks fit for a king. Stress-Proof Your Bedroom Most people have trouble falling asleep at night, and a clean environment can help you do just that. Therefore, it is important to keep your bedroom decluttered and free from unnecessary distractions, as much as possible. Size up the number of things you need to store, and select suitable storage furniture and apparatuses to keep them organised. Try investing in space-saving furniture like storage bed frames, which gives you ample space to stow away belongings that are lightly used. You can also weed out clothes that are sitting untouched in the cabinet, or use accessories like wooden and ceramic trays, bowls, and baskets for tiny knick-knacks. At the end of the day - or night - your bedroom should be a comfortable haven for you to retreat to after a typical busy day in Singapore. The Best Bed Frames For Singapore Homes No matter which bed frames you choose, the most important feature to look out for is the balance and support it can offer. The bedroom furniture you decide upon should match your sleeping habits and room’s design - so take into account the layout and size of the room before signing off on that purchase. Storage beds are popular in Singapore due to our relatively small home sizes. You can also consider a designer storage bed frame to inspire an air of luxury. If you are aiming for a minimalist look, platform beds are good as they take up little visual space, so your room looks bright and cheery. And for larger rooms, a king size bed delivers the ultimate indulgence to accompany you into dreamland. Sleepnetics™ storage beds come with high quality hydraulics which can withstand prolonged usage so you get a quality product with quality sleep. Still undecided? Visit The Mattress Boutique to try them out for yourself today! Read more

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