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Choosing a Queen Size Mattress

When it comes to getting quality sleep, getting the right mattress size is as important as choosing an ideal mattress type. If you have nailed down the type of mattress that you prefer, it is now time to decide if you are content with a single bed or a queen size mattress for some extra comfort at night.

Why Pick a Queen Size Mattress?

There are several considerations to make before deciding on whether you need a queen size mattress. ≈

Are You Sleeping Alone?

If you are sharing the bed with a sibling or your spouse, your mattress should at the very least be queen size. If there is a toddler or a clingy pet in the mix then you might want to consider even bigger options like king size or california king mattresses.

Your Height and Size

A Queen Size Bed dimension measures around 190cm by 152cm, if you are above the height of 180cm, you might want to get a queen size mattress to sleep more comfortably. It will also make more sense to get a bigger mattress than a single size one if you are of wider build.

Room Size

As all Singaporeans know, space is a luxury in Singapore flats. Therefore, it is important to ensure that we do not choose a mattress that takes up too much living space in the room. The perfect room to bed size ratio should be 3:1. If you are thinking of getting a queen size mattress, do note that it should not take up half your room space.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Queen Size Mattresses

1. What are some benefits of a queen size mattress?

  • It can fit in larger and master bedrooms as well as guest rooms.
  • Also, queen beds are budget-friendly compared to the king-sized mattress.
  • A typical queen size mattress can accommodate two adults and a toddler, but if you want more space to roll and sleep, then take king size mattresses.

2. How to pick the best premium queen size mattress online?

Here are some factors to consider before picking premium queen size mattresses.

  1. Durability - You can pick a queen size mattress with an 8, 12 and 15 years warranty according to your needs.
  2. Comfort - Never compromise on the essential features like orthopaedic back support, spinal guard, and healthy spine support.
  3. Firm & thickness - It is good to check the thickness level and firmness to slow down wear and tear.
  4. Additional features -  Consider those fit with features like anti-dust, anti-bacterial and antifungal to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew.

Find out what materials your queen size mattress is made of here!

3. What is the cheapest premium queen bed available in Singapore online?

In our mattress boutique, the cheapest queen size mattress from brands like Vazzo Clovis, with prices that can go below $1,000 during promotions with a warranty of 5 years. However, for more details on one of the cheapest and best premium queen beds in Singapore, check out queen mattress collections and filter the products by price - low to high.