Single, Queen, King: Your Guide to Different Mattress Sizes

Single, Queen, King: Your Guide to Different Mattress Sizes

A good night’s sleep is essential to waking up energised and ready to tackle the challenges each new day brings. For most adults, a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night is needed to ensure mental and physical productivity the next day. While the obvious correlation between sleep quality and mattress quality is no secret, certain factors such as mattress firmness and mattress type (e.g. latex or memory foam) are often prioritised over choosing the correct mattress size. Mattresses sold in Singapore are commonly found in four different sizes: super single, queen, king, and single mattress size. This guide will go into detail on each of these different sizes, and how to choose the best size to buy for your needs.

Single Mattress

Single mattresses have a width of 91cm and a length of 190cm. These mattresses are the smallest size found in Singapore and commonly used as a child’s first bed once they’ve outgrown their crib. Of course, adults of a smaller frame can also consider sleeping on a single mattress as long as they feel like they have adequate space to move freely during the night. Single mattresses should also be considered if space constraints are an issue. Homeowners living in smaller HDB flats or condominium units might find it more practical to choose a smaller mattress, if not for their bedrooms, then for their guest rooms.

Super Single Mattress

Super single mattresses have a width of 107cm and a length of 190cm. These mattresses make a good option for teenages or young adults living on their own. Although super single mattress size are slightly wider than single mattresses, they are still intended to cater to one person, and so do not make a good choice for couples. Nonetheless, single sleepers will still find themselves fairly comfortable even if they choose to share their sleeping space with a furry friend. Parents hoping to invest in a mattress that will last their child into their teenage years might also opt for a super single mattress. Most mattresses at The Mattress Boutique come with a 15 year warranty, so you’ll be covered in the event that your purchase does not live up to its quality specifications through the years.

Queen Size Mattress

Queen mattresses have a width of 152cm and a length of 190cm. Single sleepers with a larger frame or who enjoy having more space might also look into investing in a queen mattress for better comfort. These mattresses are also the traditional choice for couples in Singapore, and can usually fit comfortably into most master bedrooms even in smaller living quarters like HDBs flats. While there’s no hard science regarding how much space an individual will take up during sleep, mathematically speaking, dividing a queen mattress into two halves would technically only provide each individual with 76cm width-wise. Thankfully, there are king size mattresses available for couples in search of more space to sprawl out.

King Size Mattress

At a width of 183cm and a length of 190cm, king size mattresses are the largest mattress size available in Singapore. These spacious mattresses accommodate two individuals with ease. New parents who chose to co-sleep with their baby or young child will also appreciate the extra space.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Mattress Size

As always, you’ll want to buy a mattress within your budget. As a rule of thumb, the larger a mattress is, the more expensive it will be. This means that a single mattress will cost significantly less than a king size mattress. You’ll also want to take into account the actual floor space you have in your bedroom and factor in your existing furniture pieces as well as human circulation patterns. Choosing a king sized bed for a small bedroom might not be the wisest decision. Likewise, choosing a single mattress for a large bedroom might make your bedroom appear disproportionately empty.

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