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Functional & Stylish Fabric Bed Frames

For many homeowners, choosing a bed frame for your humble abode usually comes as an afterthought. This is odd, given that we spend almost eight hours sleeping daily. The bed frame serves as a support for your mattress, but can also be a stunning piece of furniture that conveys your style and personality. One common option is the fabric bed frame. It is functional, and comes in a variety of colours - unlike the usual brown, black or white leather frames commonly seen in Singaporean homes. So if you are thinking of switching things up, picking a fabric bed frame that matches your bedroom decor is a good place to start.

Leather Or Fabric Bed Frames?

If you are trying to achieve a classy or elegant look, leather bed frames are the way to go. Like fine wine, leather ages beautifully, and the lines and creases formed over the years can give even more character to the furniture. Alternatively, fabric bed frames are also a popular choice for their affordability and wide range of colours. They are also usually softer and more comfortable, which is ideal for Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Looking for other types of bed frames? Explore our faux leather bedframes and wooden bedframesPerhaps, you can consider customising the perfect bed frame for your needs!

Caring For Your Fabric Bed Frame

Much like your bed sheets and pillow cases, fabric bed frames also need a frequent clean. This may sound like a tiring chore, but it really is not. To care for your fabric bed frame - especially the headboard, all you need is a weekly dusting with a mattress vacuum cleaner, and a damp wipe to remove the build up of grime and dirt on the surface. By doing so, you keep your bed frame clean and vibrant for many years to come. Add this to your weekly to-do list while you, along with cleaning your mattress!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabric Bed Frames

1. Where can I buy the best fabric bed frames in Singapore?

Choosing the right fabric bed frame can be quite overwhelming, but your best bet is an option from a reliable retailer.  At The Mattress Boutique stores in Singapore, you will find a lot of good options for fabric bed frames. Opt for one in divan-style or choose among the best five storage bed frames we have available.  

2. How do I clean a fabric bed frame?

Fabric bed frames are difficult to keep in their pristine condition, hence, it is important to make vacuuming a daily habit. To clean it deeply, you can use a trusty fabric cleaner once a month.

3. Should I go for leather or fabric bed frames? 

Leather bed frames can give your room a classy and elegant look, while fabric bed frames come in different colors at a reasonable price. In case you want to explore more options, also check out the faux-leather bed frames collection at The Mattress Boutique online store to get your hands on the best bed frame materials in Singapore.

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