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The Best Single Mattress in Singapore

We spent the most time on our beds compared to any other piece of furniture in our homes, which is why choosing our beds and mattresses is a decision that should not be taken lightly or made hastily. If you are looking to get a new bed for yourself, take time to consider how big of a bed you need. Single, super single, queen size and king size mattresses are the most common options in Singapore.

Before you decide, here are some questions you might want to ponder over:

Which Bedroom is The Mattress For?

If you are furnishing the guest room, which typically isn’t big in Singapore flats, maybe a single size mattress would be the best and most budget savvy choice here. If the mattress is for your own bedroom, you might want to consider choosing a bigger bed for extra comfort but if you prefer allocating more room space for a bigger wardrobe or other furniture then a single bed would work just fine.

Is The Mattress For Kids?

A single size mattress would work best for tweens since they don’t require a lot of space and are big enough for adults-size beds. Getting a single size mattress for them would also mean more space in their rooms for a study table or for play.

How Big is Your Room?

The ideal bed to room size ratio is 1:3, to ensure that you have enough living space and room for other furniture in your bedroom. Smaller rooms should ideally have a single size mattress, to prevent from having insufficient walking space within the room. If you are living in a studio apartment in Singapore, you might want to consider having a single bed as well so your bed does not eat into your living area.

Find Quality Single Mattress in Singapore at Mattress Boutique

Here at Mattress Boutique, we have a wide range of high-quality single bed and mattress choices suitable for all rooms and apartment sizes. Browse our full catalogue and make your purchase online today.

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