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Your bedroom serves as more than just a sleeping area; it's a sanctuary for relaxation. The bed, a fundamental furniture piece, offers a cosy spot to unwind after a tiring day. The Mattress Boutique presents an extensive range of bed frames that combine attractiveness, practicality, and comfort. Explore our website to find the ideal bed frame in Singapore that suits both your bedroom aesthetics and sleep requirements.

Variety of Bed Frame Types and Sizes

A range of bed frame types are available, including:

  • King Size Bed Frame
  • Queen Size Bed Frame
  • Super Single Bed Frame
  • Single Bed Frame

You'll discover the ideal bed frame size to suit your sleeping requirements, as each of these types caters to different preferences and room dimensions.

Elevate Your Sleep with Our Exclusive Bed Frame Collection

At The Mattress Boutique, we present a unique selection of bed frames in Singapore, designed to cater to your individual requirements and enhance the quality of your sleep.

  • Synthetic Leather Pull-Up Storage Bed Frame

Featuring convenient pull-up storage and stylish synthetic leather upholstery, this bed frame seamlessly combines fashion and functionality. The under-mattress storage space allows you to maintain a tidy and uncluttered bedroom.

  • King Koil Designer Bed Frame

With the King Koil Designer Bedframe, you can experience living in the epitome of luxury. This bed frame has outstanding design elements that improve the appearance of your bedroom.

  • Contemporary Divan Bed Frame

Embrace modern simplicity with the contemporary divan bed frame. This stylish and contemporary bed frame provides excellent mattress support, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable sleep experience.

Qualities of Our Bed Frames

  • High-Quality Materials for Superior Durability
  • Sophisticated and Elegant Design Aesthetics
  • Optimal Mattress Support for Enhanced Comfort
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Relaxation
  • Space-Efficient Attributes for Practicality
  • Simple Assembly and Easy Upkeep
  • Contributing to Improved Well-being and Sleep Quality
  • Versatile Complement to Bedroom Décor

Efficient Shipping & Delivery

At The Mattress Boutique, we offer efficient shipping and delivery services to ensure prompt and seamless bed frame delivery. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience, enabling you to enjoy your new purchase without any disruptions. Be confident that your satisfaction is our priority throughout the shipping and delivery journey.

Shop for Bed Frames at The Mattress Boutique!

Elevate your sleep and bedroom aesthetics with The Mattress Boutique's bed frame collection. Discover our range on our website and find the perfect bed frame to enhance your sleeping experience. Shop now!


1. How to enhance the appeal of a bed frame in Singapore?

Enhance your bed frame's appeal by incorporating coordinating bedside tables into the setup. These additions not only complement your new bed frame but also accentuate your interior design, assisting you in crafting the space you've envisioned.

2. What are the benefits and features of a low bed?

Opting for a low bed imparts an elegant, contemporary touch to your bedroom, making it an ideal fit for minimalists. It ensures easy access, enhancing safety for both the elderly and children. This space-efficient design is particularly well-suited for compact areas, while its lowered position contributes to a cooler sleep environment. The combination of style, usability, and practicality makes a low bed an appealing choice.

3. Why should you consider purchasing your bed frame from The Mattress Boutique?

There are numerous reasons to choose The Mattress Boutique for your bed frame purchase, including premium quality, extensive variety, affordability, enhanced sleep experience, punctual delivery, and above all, a reliable brand.

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