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Luxury With Faux Leather Bed Frames

Your bed frame is easily one of the largest pieces of furniture in your bedroom, and it can be a stunning addition when you pick the right one. If you are looking for a simple way to create a luxurious sleep haven without breaking the bank, try switching up your bed frame for a faux leather one. Faux leather bed frames are one of the more popular options in Singapore. They provide the best of both worlds - a premium look and everlasting class, at a fraction of bona fide leather furniture.

Guide To Buying Your First Bed Frame

As a new homeowner, it can be tempting to rush purchases even before your renovation is completed. Granted, that suede leather bed frame featured in a particular Korean drama may look glamorous, but is perhaps not the most practical if you’re strapped for time when it comes to maintaining it. Real leather may also not be the best for the budget-conscious too. Faux leather, on the other hand, is waterproof and easy to clean. It comes in many designs and colours, at more affordable prices, making it a popular first-bed-frame option for homes in Singapore. Its low maintenance means you don’t have to set aside extra time and effort to keep it clean; and they can be just as comfortable. Other options include fabric and storage bed frame types.

Customise Your Bed Frame In Singapore

Faux leather bed frames are designed to give you the elegance of a premium material, and the functionality to withstand everyday use. Unlike real leather which usually comes in muted shades, faux leather is available in many colours, giving it a versatility for various home decor styles. At The Mattress Boutique, you can make your selection from the materials to headboard designs to build a bed frame that suits your needs. Choose from up to 30 faux leather and fabric colour options to customise your bed frame today.

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