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Sleep is a must. You can't recharge your batteries or feel refreshed for the day ahead if you skimp on shut-eye. It's crucial to be able to shut off the worries and stress of the day when you hit the sack, and a poor mattress may make it almost impossible. These items are made from high-quality cotton and natural pure latex, with the right thickness for drifting off to a peaceful, dreamy slumber. The Mattress Boutique Singapore now carries an extensive collection of Slumberland mattress.

Innovative and luxurious mattresses—we understand that your mattress choice can significantly change your sleep comfort. Slumberland has an exclusive range of high-end spring mattresses made from premium memory foam, exceptional natural latex, and a high-quality pocketed coil spring system, all encased in a cooling knitted fabric cover. Enjoy breathable sleeping comfort and enhanced motion isolation for a restful and undisturbed sleep. 

Slumberland has global presence in more than 40 years in 20 Asian market. Since then, they have produced more than 500 different models of mattresses, and many of it, they have accomplished 2,000 5-star hotel projects worldwide. Slumberland aims to be a caring and innovative company that inspires people to make their dreams come true by offering the healthiest and most comfortable sleeping experience on the market.

More than 100 years of the craftmanship and experience, Slumberland believes in choosing the best materials and apply the strictest quality controls to the entire product process. This is how they produce the springs for their mattresses with unique designs that guarantees the highest levels of comfort and durability.

Using advanced state-of-the-art springing systems, Slumberland beds are widely recognised as the world leader in their own field with unmatched sleeping comfort, support and durability. The PU foam pillow top has a high density and is robust, making it a great addition for a comfortable night's sleep and a healthy back. Although it is a soft mattress, it is also quite sturdy and will endure for many years. The cotton knitted fabric is comfortable and breathable, and the bedspreads won't shift as you move about in bed.

Hotel Quality

Experience the cloudy feel and unbeatable support of a luxurious Slumberland mattress. Prevent body sores with the unique cradle comfort this mattress offers. Sleep cool and improve your blood circulation with the posture-engineered pocketed springs and Germanium fabric materials.

Motion Isolation

Slumberland mattress features a Comfortplush pocketed spring system that follows individual body movements during sleep, resulting in minimal disturbance and reliable pressure relief. Say goodbye to restless nights and constant body aches and enjoy the cosy cradle of your new innovative high-end mattress.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic

Featuring premium viscose knitted ticking and natural latex materials, Slumberland mattress boast a cooling sleep sensation that is perfect for Singapore's hot and humid weather. Slumberland mattresses have anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic properties to prevent allergies and skin irritation - safe for kids and people with allergies.

Shop from our vast collection of comfortable Slumberland mattress to score the perfect mattress with the best benefits for your night's rest.

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