Storage Beds & More: A Guide to Choosing the Best Bed Frame

Storage Beds & More: A Guide to Choosing the Best Bed Frame

For most people in Singapore, the notion of having good quality sleep means a healthy bedtime and undisturbed rest that lasts for at least 7-8 hours. While the mattress you sleep on is undoubtedly fundamental in helping you get the quality rest you deserve, did you know that your bed frame also plays an important role in ensuring quality sleep?

Bed frames hold your mattress in place and help prevent it from creaking and sliding. A high quality bed frame will also have the potential to help preserve your mattress longer, supporting it from sinking prematurely. Bed frames are usually long-lasting, with some frames having the ability to last up to a decade and longer. If you’re in the market for a bed frame but are not sure where to start, keep scrolling to read The Mattress Boutique’s tips on how to choose the best bed frame for your needs.

Decide Between a Divan or Box Spring Bed Frame

Divan Storage Bed Frame

Divan frames are usually made from wood, covered in a soft layer of wadding, and then upholstered in fabric. These frames helps to support your mattress and hold it above ground. Divan frames are often designed to be the same size as your mattress, helping to ensure a secure fit, and saving you some additional floor space.

Additionally, many divan bed frames have useful storage compartments located within the frame’s platform itself, freeing up extra space in your room. These storage compartments can be opened using a hydraulic system, or might come in the form of additional drawers under the bed. When it comes to aesthetics, divans usually have a minimalistic design, and are good for people who are looking for something elegant. Check out our King Koil Divan Bed Frame which you’ll be able to customise with faux leather or fabric of your choice.

Box Spring Bed Frame

Box springs consist of a wooden frame that’s filled with springs or a metal grid, and wrapped in fabric. In terms of function, they’re used to absorb impact, reducing your mattress's wear and tear. While a box spring is also fitted to be the same size as your mattress, it usually sits between the mattress itself and another bed frame, acting as additional support.

While this frame comes without storage space, they’re usually very simple and can blend in with a number of bedroom designs. This makes box spring bed frames a good choice for people who are on a tighter budget and are looking for something basic yet effective.

Consider your Mattress and Room Size

Your Mattress Type

The most important factor when it comes to choosing a bed frame would be the type of mattress that you own or would like to purchase. While nearly all mattresses can pair with any bed frame of the same size, the combination you choose will provide you with different sleeping experiences. As a general rule of thumb, traditional innerspring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses will likely work well with box spring frames to support the weight of these heavier mattresses. On the other hand, memory foam and latex mattresses might work better with a platform top divan. These mattress types are easily moldable to the pressure of the person sleeping above, and will likely perform better when placed on a flat and solid surface. 

Room Size

The size of your room is also another important factor to consider before purchasing a bed frame. For example, HDBs in Singapore usually have smaller bedrooms. Divan and box spring frames have a small footprint to begin with, but if you’ve decided on a bed frame with added storage compartments on the side, be prepared to sacrifice a little more floor space.

You can achieve that handy extra space with a Bed Frame With Storage for small bedrooms, and the bonus points is that it saves you the time and effort for vacuuming under the bed. Moreover, a Bed Frame With Storage saves you the trouble of having to purchase additional furniture like cupboards and wardrobes. Bed Frame With Storage is definitely a worthy investment in the long run.

Choose A Bed Frame to Match Your Room's Design

Selecting a bed frame that cohesively blends in with your room’s aesthetic is important. The bed is usually the most prominent piece of furniture people notice in a bedroom. It is therefore important to plan ahead and visualise what you want your room to look like and how you envision your bed to fit in.

For example, if you’re looking for something to match your luxe interior vibe, our King Koil Designer Bed Frame is as luxurious as it gets. You’ll be able to choose your headboard design as well as the faux leather or fabric you would like your bed to be upholstered in. On the other hand, if you prefer a more playful vibe with solid pops of colour, you might prefer our Sleepnetics Storage Bed Frame with Side Drawer. This bed frame is built from solid wood and upholstered in a vibrant red fabric. A hydraulic opening system is used to access the storage compartments underneath. It also comes with an in-built side drawer.

Shop Bed Frames in Singapore Today

If you're looking for a storage, platform, divan or wooden bed frame for your home in Singapore, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs at The Mattress Boutique. Browse through our online store to pick out a bed frame or pay a visit to one of our showrooms conveniently located around Singapore at Paya Lebar, Sembawang and Boon Lay to try out our mattresses and bed frames for yourself. Our friendly staff associates will be there to assist you with any questions you may have. You can also contact us through our online form if you prefer to write in.

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