The 5 Best Storage Bed Frames Available in Singapore

The 5 Best Storage Bed Frames Available in Singapore

In space-constrained Singapore, it might be hard to have a minimalistic, uncluttered room. With minimalism growing in popularity as a style trend, storage beds are being increasingly used as to keep the bedroom tidy. 

Whether it is a platform bed or a wooden bed frame, extra storage space allows for neat stowing of essentials. The significant amount of additional space can be used to store items that you use infrequently, while a bed frame with hydraulic storage can provide easy access to your belongings. 

Browse our storage bed frame collection and take the first steps for that sleek, minimalistic bedroom! 

1. The Mattress Boutique’s Storage Bed Frame

With space getting more scarce and newer housing units such as BTOs in Singapore being even more compact, we have a line of storage bed frames to help you maximise space. 

Safe, and easy to lift, The Mattress Boutique’s hydraulic storage bed frame uses European gas springs that are cleverly engineered with shock absorbers and dampers. 

Whether you fancy a faux leather design with the aesthetic of a  designer storage bed frame or a simple fabric look, there is something that will perfectly complement the look and feel of your bedroom. Our storage bed frames come in a range of designs and colours, there will be something for everyone! 

2. The Mattress Boutique’s Storage Bed With Side Drawer And Storage

This solid wooden bed frame with storage comes in both faux leather and fabric. A heavily customisable option, this is the bed frame for those who want to put their own imprint on the aesthetic of their home in Singapore. This platform bed available in a wide range of colour, headboard designs and in the single, super single, queen, and king sizes. 

The European hydraulic system makes accessing your belongings a breeze while the side drawers provide additional storage space that can be conveniently used without lifting the mattress.  A truly ideal selection for those who value having more space in their bedroom.

3. King Koil Storage Bed

This divan storage bed frame from King Koil offers a plethora of design options with various headboards, colours for customers to choose from and a German hydraulic system capable of lifting mattresses up to 80kg. With a divan thickness of  14 inches, this storage bed has an internal depth of 26cm and can support up to 220kg, making it perfect for heavy duty storage functions.

Suitable for mattress heights of up to 40cm, this bed frame with storage measures 35cm from the ground to the mattress support base. Divan beds are easier to get in and out of than most platform beds that sit closer to the ground, making them more suitable for the elderly or those with mobility problems in Singapore.

4. Dunlopillo CDM HBSB04 Storage Bed Frame

For almost a century, Dunlopillo has been helping the world sleep betterand been a leader in sleep health. One of our bestsellers by famed sleep specialists Dunlopillo,  the CDM HBSB04 Storage Bed Frame is a trusted choice for many consumers. Offered in faux leather, fabric, a range of colours and available for most mattress sizes, it is a safe bet for those shopping for a reliable and fuss-free option.

With an internal storage depth of 12 inches and a base height of 15 inches, it offers ample storage for those seeking to stash unwanted items away or for those who are looking to optimise the space in their bedrooms. 

5. King Koil Divan Bedframe

Divan storage beds are simple, minimalistic and incredibly functional. Set higher than platform beds, divan beds are easier to get in and out of. With its base crafted to the precise measurements of a mattress, this allows them to be more compact than standard bed frames and creates a beautifully clean and minimalist aesthetic.

The modern divan storage bed frames are built with improved aesthetic appeal, stability, and functionality. A king sized bed frame with storage will make an excellent centrepiece for your bedroom, and just imagine how much extra storage you’ll have! 

Save Space With The Mattress Boutique

Storage bed frames are not only visually pleasing, they also help us to maximise our bedroom space and keep everything neatly tucked away.

So, if you’re in the market for a new bed and are looking for some extra storage space, a storage bed frame is definitely the way to go. With all of these different options available, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs and budget. 

Visit any of our 3 showrooms today at Paya Lebar, Boon Lay, and Nordcom 2 or browse some of our bed frames online. Let us help declutter your room and have it looking sleek and snazzy! 

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