Which Should I Choose: Super Single Mattress vs Single Mattress

Which Should I Choose: Super Single Mattress vs Single Mattress

The 3 main global trends affecting the worldwide mattress market are said to be customised mattresses, eco-friendly materials used in mattresses and the desire for multi-functional beds. But one of the most important and practical decisions for most of us is the mattress size we should go for. Chief among that for people with space constraints such as those living in cramp bedrooms in Singapore is whether to get a single or super single mattress

Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will take a look at the pros and cons of each type of mattress so you can make an informed decision on your next mattress purchase. 

Single Mattress

While single, super single, queen, and king are common mattress sizes, you might be surprised to know that not all sizes are the same across different countries. 

The single mattress’s dimensions in Singapore are 91cm by 190cm. Their compact measurements mean that they take up less room and might suit rooms or homes with very limited living space. Single mattresses are often used by families for children after they outgrow their crib. Not just limited to children, adults with a small frame can also sleep comfortably on a single mattress as long as there’s adequate space to move around during the night. 

Super Single Mattress

In Singapore, a super single mattress shares the length of a single as it is 190cm long but it is about 20% wider with its width measuring 107cm.

If your room can afford the space, a super single mattress is an excellent choice to enjoy more space during your sleep yet it will not overwhelm the room like a queen size might.

When choosing a mattress size, it is important to consider the amount of space you have available and your sleeping habits.

If you barely toss and turn through the night, you might be able to feel comfortable on a single mattress. However, if you are a fidgety sleeper, you might be happier on a super single

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Factors To Help You ChooseThe Right Mattress Size

1. Space

Single mattresses will suit people with small frames and consumers dealing with space constraints. They are an excellent choice to be used in tiny rooms in small flats, or guest rooms that aren’t typically very big.  While 90cm isn’t very much, a single mattress can still provide a comfortable sleep, especially if you are not an active sleeper that tosses and turns constantly through the night. In addition, they are an ideal choice for children or teens that have no need for a larger bed. 

On the flip side, a super single mattress will suit rooms and homes with slightly more generous living areas. While the difference in size is not significant, a few centimetres can make all the difference between a tight squeeze when getting in bed and a comfortable night’s rest. If your room can afford the space, a super single is a better choice for adults, especially if you prone to are moving around on your mattress. For people with larger frames, sleeping on a single might be uncomfortable and it may prevent you from getting the rest that you need.

2. Cost

Naturally, a smaller mattress means a lower cost. Single mattresses are slightly cheaper than super singles but for higher end mattresses, this difference can run into the hundreds. 

If the price difference isn’t significant, the super single offers way more comfort and sleep quality and might be worth the extra few bucks. 

Folks on an extremely tight budget might be more comfortable shelling out for a single mattress instead while those that prioritise comfort over cost might be more willing to spend the extra on a larger sized mattress. 

Get The Right Mattress With The Mattress Boutique

If you need more information, visit our blog, or or visit our showrooms for a chat for help to choose that perfect mattress. Whether you are shopping for a single or super single mattress, rest assured that we have mattresses of all sizes to suit all budgets and living spaces.
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