The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A King-Size Mattress In Singapore

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A King-Size Mattress In Singapore

The king-size mattress is the ultimate choice for comfort and luxury. Fit for a king with its grand design, it offers ample room for sleepers to toss and turn to their heart’s content. If this ticks the boxes of what you are looking for and you are considering purchasing a king-size mattress, read on for some valuable tips on choosing one for your home in Singapore.

What Is A King Size Mattress?

A king-size mattress is the largest mattress size in Singapore that two people can share comfortably, allowing it to accommodate two individuals easily and leaving room for a child or large pet. Its large surface is also beneficial to new parents who co-sleep with their baby or young child.

Dimensions Of A King Size Mattress

In Singapore, a typical king-size mattress measures 190cm in length and 183cm in width. Flat dwellers and those with little space in their homes may prefer our range of queen-size mattresses instead. It may be a good idea to steer clear of king-size beds, which can overwhelm a small room. Dimensions can vary between countries, so be wary if you shop for your bedding overseas! 

Considerations When Choosing A King-Size Mattress

As with any significant purchase, you’ll want to consider your mattress purchase carefully. After all, you’ll be spending about a third of each day in bed, so your comfort is crucial.

1. Easily Accessible

When shopping for a king-size mattress in Singapore, you’ll need to consider the actual floor space available in your bedroom and factor in your existing furniture. A small bedroom might not be able to accommodate a king-size mattress or leave too tight an area around the bed, making accessing your bed a chore. A lack of space can also cause manoeuvring around to be uncomfortable. Our experts recommend leaving a minimum of 75 cm of space around the bed so you can get around with ease and still have room for bedside tables. But if you are in a huge bedroom, you can even use a king-size bed as an excellent centrepiece. 

2. Number Of People

Another practical consideration is to take into account the number of people that would be sleeping in the bed. Its spacious surface area also makes it a popular selection for couples as it provides them with the latitude to move around without affecting their partners. In addition, king-size beds are an excellent choice for families with young children who might occasionally want to cuddle up with their parents. If you intend to sleep alone and do not need much space, perhaps a queen-size mattress might be more suitable. 

3. Preferences

Everyone has different sleeping styles and requirements for space on their mattress. Some might toss and turn through the night, or some might lay their heads down and wake up in the same position. King-size beds offer restless sleepers the space to move around at night without waking their partner. On top of that, king-size mattresses also suit taller people whose legs might stick out on smaller beds. 

4. Size Of The Frame

The frame for a king-size bed should have some allowance given to accommodate the mattress and give it sufficient support. Many bed frames have features such as panels, footboards, and headboards that take up more room. If you have limited space for the bed frame, you can consider a rail frame, slim metal frame, or wooden slat frame. 

Recommended Bed Frames

In space-constrained Singapore, a king-size bed frame with storage is ideal.  Designers recommend it as a tool to maximise the area beneath your bed and help organise your bedroom. If you are not keen on king-size storage bed frames, platform bed frames are worthy of consideration as they are low to the ground and can accommodate numerous mattress types. 

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