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Dunlopillo XtraFirm - Queen

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Product Features and Material:
Orthopedic Spinal Care Series

Normablock Spring System The innovative Spring Technology from Europe, Normablock XtraFirm Collection comes with the most technologically advanced system in internal support provides you the most promising spinal protection with bigger surface support, lumbar extra reinforcement or even minimal partner disturbance!

Imported Anti-Radiation Knitted Fabric to block or absord the electromagnetic radiation emitted.

Triple Barrier 99.99% Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Dustmites, Anti-Fungal

MiraCoil offers unrivaled support and targeted relief for your body. Say goodbye to restless nights and wake up refreshed as the zoned support promotes proper spinal alignment and reduces pressure points. Individually encased springs minimize motion transfer.

Tight Top
Mattress Heights: 23cm
Firmness: Firm 8/10
15 years warranty

Care Instructions

We encourage customers to rotate or flip (depending on mattress design) your mattress every 4-6months to ensure an even wear through the mattress to prolong the life of your mattress.


Queen : 5ft (152cm) WIDTH - 6ft 3 inch (190cm) LENGTH


Normablock Spring System

Product Description

Orthopedic Spinal Care Series