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Pocket spring mattresses are one of the more luxurious mattress types available in Singapore, since it is also one of the more affordable options. But do you really know what a pocket spring mattress is?

Pocket spring mattresses contain individual wire springs that are either glued or stitched together and then encased in fabric. The connected pocket springs allow the user to be supported independently by each pocket spring.

Types of Pocket Spring Mattresses

Individual Pocket Spring Mattresses

Individual pocket spring mattresses are made from individual pocket springs that are each enclosed in their own fabric pocket. It reduces the transfer of movement to the other areas of the mattress, which in most of the cases, moving on the bed without your partner sleeping beside you. Each pocket spring works independently to support your body, regardless of your sleeping position.

3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattresses

3 Zone Pocket Spring Mattresses work best for individuals who need extra spinal support for the lower back and for side sleepers. The 3 zoning provides pressure relief for the shoulders and knees to ensure proper spinal alignment as you sleep on your side.

7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattresses

As its name suggests, the 7 zone pocket spring mattress provides tailored support for 7 specific parts of your body, which includes:          

  • head and neck
  • shoulder and upper back
  • lumbar
  • pelvic
  • knee
  • lower leg
  • foot and ankle 

This means that the mattress is segmented into 7 zones to serve a specific part of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pocket Spring Mattresses

1. Are pocket spring mattresses good for the spine?

Absolutely. Pocket spring mattresses have a lot of individual springs closely tied with one another with small pockets of cloth. On top of that, it has premium bamboo fibre knitted cooling fabric and a 100% natural latex plush pillow. In short, a pocket spring mattress allows the contours of the body to be supported gently and thereby giving the best support to avoid back pain.

2. How long does the 7 zone pocket spring mattress last?

The best-in-class 7 zone pocket spring mattress lasts for 9-12 years. Having said that, some factors make up the lifespan of a queen bed mattress - such as the materials used, brand quality, type of mattress, sleeping position, routine cleaning and body weight.

3. Who can use an individual pocketed spring bed?

Individual pocketed spring mattresses are best for people who choose body support over comfort. Also, the firmness in the aloe vera knitted cooling fabric also reduces the heat compared to latex mattresses. Lastly, when it comes to body motion transfer, pocket spring beds in Singapore respond to pressure on their own, rather than shaking the whole bed and disturbing the sleep.

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