Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses for the Best Sleep Quality

Top 3 Memory Foam Mattresses for the Best Sleep Quality

Known for their supreme comfort and ability to conform to the natural form of the sleeping body, mattresses featuring memory foam are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore and around the world. Memory foam mattresses are especially beneficial to side-sleepers who need pressure relief for the shoulder and hip area when lying down. They are also popular among people who suffer from back pain for their ability to help keep the spine aligned during sleep and encourage reduced movement. Read on to discover some of the top mattresses featuring memory foam on the market today. 

Maxcoil Arctic Dream Icesleep Pocketed Spring Mattress

This Maxcoil mattress features a hybrid combination of latex and memory foam comfort layers to provide optimal comfort. This 15 inch soft-to-medium mattress will suit lighter individuals as well as those with joint and muscle aches. The individual pocket spring technology also makes this a good mattress for those who share their bed with a partner. The combination of individual pocket springs and the movement-isolating nature of memory foam means that you’ll be unlikely to disturb your sleeping partner when tossing and turning at night. Memory foam is known for retaining more body heat. To combat potential temperature discomforts, this Maxcoil Arctic Dream Icesleep mattress is also designed with premium Ice Silk Cooling Fabric to bring down the heat during the night.

Maxcoil FORREST Amethyst III Mattress

The Maxcoil FORREST Amethyst III mattress might just be one of the most premium mattresses of any type on the market. Featuring two types of foam layers – fusion flow foam and memory foam, this mattress is a choice option for those who appreciate the benefits of foam mattresses. The fusion flow foam in this mattress is a high-density but soft convulated foam used to promote snug comfort and air circulation, while the elastic memory foam layer features a flexibility designed to deliver superior pressure relief by conforming to the contours of the sleeping body. All this sits above an innerspring unit made of individually wrapped pocketed springs to prevent unwanted motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. As per its name, amethyst fabric with anti-static and anti-stress properties is quilted on the top layers of this mattress. 

King Koil TempRight Radiance Mattress

The King Koil TempRight Radiance mattress features hybrid layers of 100% natural latex, high-resilience visco elastic memory foam and a plush and cooling Micro-Gel® pillow top set above 5 zones of individually encased pocketed springs. These 5 zones are meant to target the body’s different areas of the head and shoulders, upper body, spine, lower body and lower legs. Endorsed by the International Chiropractic Association, this mattress promises to provide spinal care while sleeping and features a greater concentration of springs around the spinal area to provide more support. Especially suitable for Singapore’s humid weather, this mattress is covered with Advanced TempRight Temperature control fabric and a plush Micro-Gel® pillow top that emulates the comfort of a natural down while providing a cooling sensation. You won’t have to worry about your mattress sagging as this premium model is also designed with Turn-Free® technology.

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