A Guide to Different Mattress Types and Sizes for Quality Sleep

A Guide to Different Mattress Types and Sizes for Quality Sleep

Mattresses come in different varieties and builds. If you’re looking to buy a mattress online, you might be overwhelmed by the different choices and types of mattresses available in Singapore. At the end of the day, different people have different sleeping styles and preferences but the one thing we're all after is a good night’s sleep. In this blog post, we will go through some important questions to consider before purchasing a mattress.

What Position Do You Sleep In?

What position do you sleep in? Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, front sleeper or hybrid sleeper? Certain mattresses might feel more comfortable depending on your sleeping position.

Back sleeper: Back sleepers should not go with an overly soft mattress. This will cause their hips to sink out of alignment with their spine. An overly hard mattress will not work either as it will likely end up putting unnecessary pressure on their shoulders. The best mattresses for back sleepers tend to be medium to medium-firm. This will help the spine remain in neutral alignment throughout the night.

Side sleeper: Side sleeping places high pressure on the shoulders and hips. Therefore, side sleepers will likely enjoy sleeping on a softer mattress that conforms to the body. Memory foam mattresses are generally a favourite with side sleepers as these mattresses are made with pressure-relief in mind.

Front sleeper: Those who sleep on their stomach will appreciate a firmer mattress that can keep their hips in alignment with their shoulders throughout the night. Latex mattresses make a good option for front sleepers due to their firm nature. Latex mattresses are also durable and resistant to sagging.

What Mattress Size Do You Prefer?

Mattresses usually come in single, super single, queen and king sizes. The mattress size you choose will likely depend on a few factors. For example, if you’re living in a small HDB unit in Singapore, there likely isn’t a lot of space to go around. Therefore, it might be more practical to buy a single or super single mattress as opposed to a king mattress. On the other hand, some people might be better served with a larger queen or king mattress. This is especially true if you share your bed with someone else. To ensure that both parties get quality sleep, it is necessary for each to have enough space. Tossing and turning around at night will likely affect your partner’s sleep as well. Memory foam mattresses are good at isolating movement and can be considered if this is the case.

Other Factors to Consider

Our needs all vary, and some might have additional things to take into consideration when purchasing a mattress. If you often find yourself unable to fall asleep in Singapore’s climate because your mattress feels too warm, it might be worth looking into mattresses with cooling technology. For example, the KingKoil TempRight Inspire Latex Plush Pillow Top Pocketed Spring Mattress is made with a thermatic cooling fabric specifically with this concern in mind. Other common concerns include the need to prioritise a hypoallergenic mattress to keep allergies at bay. Many of the natural latex mattresses by Sofzsleep come with a natural bamboo cover with intrinsic antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are also treated with a Swiss antimicrobial Sanitized® treatment to prevent the development of mould or dust mites.

Singapore’s Preferred Mattress Vendor

If you would like to try out our mattresses in person before committing to a purchase, we invite you to visit any one of The Mattress Boutique’s showrooms located conveniently around Singapore at Boon Lay, Sembawang and Paya Lebar. Whether you’re looking for a single, super single, queen or king sized mattress, constructed out of latex, memory foam or a hybrid material, we are here to help you find the best mattress nights of quality sleep.

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