5 Tips To Choose The Best Bed Frames In Singapore

5 Tips To Choose The Best Bed Frames In Singapore

The bed frame is often overlooked, but it’s just as important as your choice of mattress. It’s the base that your mattress sits on, and it should be a worthy investment. While it is true that the mattress you rest on can offer optimal spinal support and ensure you have a good night’s rest, a good bed frame is also necessary. With a good base, the benefits of your mattress are maximised, ensuring that you experience the comfort and durability that is often promised by most brands and retailers. Here are some valuable tips that will help you choose the best bed frames in Singapore,

1. Consider your current mattress size

A mattress can be matched with just about any type of bed frame but a perfectly sized bed frame is a must-have when selecting the right piece of furniture to make up your new bedroom set. For a proper fit, your bed frame should not be more than two inches bigger than the mattress. For instance, if you’re purchasing a king size bed frame, it should be made for a king size mattress. Given the possibility of the mattress shifting, you also want to make sure to choose durable and high-quality bed frames

2. Look into the support structure of bed frames 

Providing optimal support is one of the main functions of a bed frame, so you'll want to make sure your base is well constructed. If the base of the frame is constructed with slates, for example, be sure that they are strong, sturdy, and durable enough to support your heavy mattress. Similarly, a weak base in any form can affect your sleep quality by limiting the possibility of you experiencing the best of what your mattress can offer.

3. Think about your bedroom size and the available floor space

Size really does matter when it comes to your bed. Think about the size of your room, how much space the bed frame can occupy without impacting your overall bedroom aesthetic, and how much space you need around it. Since bed frames come in different sizes alongside the various headboard designs and sizes, you’ll want to whip out measuring tapes to get all the measurements right. 

4. Check whether storage is available or not

The benefits of buying a designer storage bed frame are that you have enough space to store your knick knacks and maximise the limited space you have in your bedroom. Trying to make space for a new bookshelf or other furniture pieces? A storage bed will free up floor space with its multi-functionality. But that’s not all! Designer storage bed frames like our storage bed with a side drawer takes the term ‘multi-purpose’ to a whole new level. Designed with a side drawer and hidden storage space, this sleek-looking bed frame rids you of the need to get bedside tables.

5. Consider the material and style

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when it comes to your bedroom furniture is selecting a bed frame that matches your style and existing interior. Be sure to choose one that complements your bedroom colours and design, while also matching your existing decor. For those who prefer a clean and well put together look, a spacious storage bed frame hits the mark since it lets you keep certain items in your bedroom hidden.  

Choose Bed Frames in Singapore With The Mattress Boutique

5 Tips To Choose The Best Bed Frames In Singapore

The right bed frame can give your mattress a lift and help elevate your sleep experience by maximising its comfort merely with the support it provides. But of all the different types of bed frames to choose from, which is the best choice for your home? We at The Mattress Boutique have a wide selection of bed frames for all mattress sizes and bedroom aesthetics.

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