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Knowing the importance of how quality materials would prolong the lifespan of your mattresses, at MaxCoil, we put utmost importance in the selection of the finest materials and are proud to present to you our line of bedframes made of Nyatoh Wood. This attractive reddish-tinged tropical hardwood is fast replacing teak wood as the fashionable wood of choice for classy furniture and flooring. Nyatoh Wood is durable, weathers well and is water resistant. Being strong yet malleable makes Nyatoh an ideal wood for MaxCoil to use for its divans, bedframes and sofas. The Nyatoh Wood is specially kiln-dried and treated to retain 12-18% of its moisture content. This helps to prevent warping and lessens the risk of distortion. Furthermore, this kiln-drying process also kills off any fungi or insects that are present in the raw wood, resulting in reducing the risk of decay, and improving the strength of the wood as well as the efficiency of the finishes like paints and stains.   All MaxCoil bedframes comes with MaxCoil label on both the divan base as well as the headboards.

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